Cinnamon Quills C5 Cut

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Ceylon cinnamon, known as the “true” cinnamon, is a spice prized for its sweet and delicate flavor. Harvested from Sri Lanka’s Cinnamomum verum trees, it offers a wealth of health benefits, including blood sugar regulation, antioxidant power, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Health Benefits

  1. Blood Sugar Regulation
  2. Antioxidant Powerhouse
  3. Anti-Inflammatory Properties
  4. Antimicrobial Abilities


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Experience the unparalleled aroma and flavour of our Ceylon Cinnamon Quills C4, expertly cut to 5 inches for your convenience. Sourced from the lush cinnamon estates of Sri Lanka, our Ceylon Cinnamon is renowned for its superior quality and exquisite taste.cinnamon-quillsKey Features:

  1. Premium Quality: Our Ceylon Cinnamon Quills C4 are made from the bark of true Ceylon cinnamon trees, known for their sweet, delicate flavour and rich aroma. We select only the finest quills to ensure exceptional quality.
  2. 5-Inch Cut: Each cinnamon quill is precisely cut to 5 inches, making it easy to handle and ideal for various culinary applications. Whether you’re making desserts, beverages, or Savory dishes, these quills add a touch of elegance to your creations.
  3. Health Benefits: Ceylon Cinnamon is not only a culinary delight but also boasts numerous health benefits. It is known for its potential to help regulate blood sugar levels and support overall well-being.
  4. Versatile Use: These 5-inch Ceylon Cinnamon Quills are perfect for infusing your favourite teas, adding depth to curries, stews, and soups, and enhancing the flavour of baked goods, from cinnamon rolls to apple pies.
  5. Aromatic Bliss: Open the packaging, and you’ll be greeted by a warm, sweet aroma that embodies the essence of Ceylon cinnamon. Grind the quills for a fresher, more intense flavour and fragrance.
  6. Sustainable and Ethical Sourcing: We are committed to responsible sourcing practices. Our Ceylon Cinnamon is harvested with care, supporting local communities and preserving the natural beauty of Sri Lanka.

Storage Instructions:

To maintain the freshness and flavor of your Ceylon Cinnamon Quills C4, store them in an airtight container in a cool, dark place. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight and moisture.

Cooking Tips:

  • Grind the Ceylon Cinnamon Quills to a fine powder for an authentic cinnamon flavour in your dishes.
  • Infuse a few quills in hot water or milk for a delightful cinnamon tea.
  • Add a Ceylon Cinnamon Quill to your rice while cooking for a subtle yet exotic flavor.
  • Incorporate this premium cinnamon into your favorite dessert recipes for a touch of sophistication.

Elevate your culinary creations with the enchanting aroma and taste of Ceylon CINNAMON QUILLS C4 5 INCHES CUT. Experience the essence of true Ceylon cinnamon and discover a world of flavour possibilities.

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